Urban rhyme

Spare me from the city smoke.
Dis dirt debilates me.
I wear my mask so I don’t choke
Made myself these filthy wings,
In the skies I might be free.




Pomegranate’s last sec. Juice and all will soon go. A fruit’s best chance in life is to be eaten. This ain’t no sacrifice, this is an honorable predestination. Anyone can be consumed, but hardly anyone can make sense of it.

Photographer: Mirela Miladinova
Thanks, gracious!

Save the trees

You see – above the snow sea the trees are holding on.

They deserved your salvation, they needed that attention.

Now cover them with safety blanket, so they don’t get soaked!

My little precious trees, you won’t be left alone!


Is it solid or liquid? Is it black ot white? Is it the circle within or the circle without? It does’t matter. How far can you go by answering questions? Create your own definitions and don’t ask people if the answers are right. Yes, you might be wrong, but…

Have you ever managed to go swimming without getting wet? I don’t think that is possible.

Is it black or white?

Is it solid or liquid?